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For older Links, please use our Links Archive Search. To submit a link, please read Link Submission Guidelines and Caveats. If your site was chosen as a Link of the Day follow this link to your consolation prize.

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Link Submission Guidelines and Caveats

Do you have a good candidate for a cool, funny or geeky link? Use the LOTD Archive word search to see if we've already featured the link. If we haven't, then send it to with 'LOTD' in the subject line! If it makes the cut it will be featured on the Daily Static, to be fallen upon and devoured by hundreds of thousands of UFies the world over. Keep in mind that we almost never put up links of major sites; small, unknown ones are far more interesting to us. We used to not feature commericial sites, but in this current state of the web it is getting nigh-on impossible to avoid from time to time so now we use the "how interesting is this" rule of thumb.

In consideration of the more innocent folks reading User Friendly, please keep LOTD submissions clean. We tend not to feature sites with blatant "mature subject matter" or gratuitous profanity. Our rating system is simple: "14-year-old UFie Sister Appropriate." And by this we do not mean "hot sexy young teens" either, so you idiot porn site proprietors who keep clogging up WebDiva's mailbox with your stupid pr0n sites can just *stop*.

Warning: Featured sites generate a lot more traffic than they would on a normal day. If you're a site proprietor, please be sure your site can handle the throughput required before sending in your link. To paraphrase Illiad: "Sending UFies to a site is like pointing Godzilla at Tokyo." For this reason we will no longer select sites that are geocities pages, they simply cannot handle the load.

Guidelines: Keep all submissions in plain-text only. If you're using Netscape or Outlook, there should be an option to send your email in plain text. HTML mail and binary attachments both make your Linkographer cranky.

Also, be sure that "LOTD" is somewhere in the subject line, or your email will be filtered as spam. Sorry for the inconvenience, but with a spam to valid email ratio of about 237:1, this is necessary to ensure we can process submissions safely and efficiently.

If Your Site Was Chosen As A Link Of The Day

We sincerely apologize for the tromping your server took. We have created this little badge of honor for you to display on your site. Please save a copy of the image and use it to link back to us at http://www.userfriendly.org/

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